Chanting ancient poems in Jinhua’s spring & Tourism Routes
Nataliia Litvinova, 2021-04-24

    The elegant and graceful landscape of Jinhua features, among other things, beautiful waterways bordering on wonderful mountains. 

    The city has also nurtured a flourishing culture of local literati, who over the course of history have left behind magnificent poems.

It’s the most beautiful April day in the world,

Let’s sing as we go,

Encountering the splendid spring scenery that spans thousands of years!

    In ancient times, the Bayong Building - had the commanding height in the Wuzhou Ancient City, Jinhua’s name in ancient times. It was the perfect place for men of letters to gaze out into the distance to gain inspiration and they wrote more than 400 poems related to it over the course of the dynasties.

    Nowadays, the Wanfo Pagoda stands 99.99 meters high by the side of the Wujiang River, making it a must-see when visiting the Wuzhou Ancient City.


Dating back to the ancient times, Dafo Temple is a famous Buddhist holy place.


Nowadays, the renovated Dafo Temple Scenic Area is set among secluded mountains and dense forests – making it not only a holy place for Buddhism, but also a leisure and sightseeing resort.

In ancient times, Jiufeng Mountain, once a secluded place, attracted sages and hermits to dwell beside the tranquil mountains and rivers. They worked in the fields during the day, staying up late at night to read.

    Nowadays, Jiufeng Mountain has been developed into a scenic spot. Tourists can enjoy the endowments of nature by tasting authentic local delicacies – a sip from the thermal springs or a taste of excellent cuisine.

Tourism Routes

One-day trip in Wucheng district: Lunyu LakeZhizhe TempleWuzhou Ancient City 

One-day trip in Jinyi New District (Jindong district):  Ai Qing former residenceDafo TempleJinlin Fingered Citron Garden

One-day trip in the Jinhua Economic & Technological Development Zone: Jiufeng Mountain → Ancient Siping Village

Source: iJinhua