Tasks for participants during the Yuyuan session June-July 2016
Christoph Schubert, 2016-03-24

The following is a list of tasks we would like the participants of the Yuyuan session in June—July 2016 to complete. Please indicate the tasks you would like to work during your application. We will inform you at the beginning of May which tasks we would like you to work on.

中国浙江省金华市琐园村-Cultural lecture during salon time, Suoyuan Session 2015
Lecture on Chinese culture during Salon time, Suoyuan Session 2015

The tasks

  • Diary

    Describe your experience of the homestay project in diary format, including your initial impressions, the time you spend in Yuyuan village, encounters with your hosts and other people, trips, cultural events, performances and so on.

  • Village architecture

    Investigate and write about the buildings of Yuyuan, including the different types of building, their construction, materials used, carvings and so on. Include the social and cultural significance of the buildings and their adornments.

  • Maps

    Create maps that will be useful to future visitors. These could include pathways around the village, routes to nearby attractions, the location of important landmarks within the village and the location of homestays and other facilities.

  • History

    Investigate and write about the history of Yuyuan, including its founding and development, the basis of its economy, its relationship with neighbouring cities and other settlements and the development of its taiji philosophy culture.

  • Interviews

    Interview villagers about their personal and family history, their family today, their everyday lives, relationships within the village, annual cycles such as agricultural tasks throughout the year and so on.

  • Planning a visit

    Suggest how visitors might choose to spend their time on visits of different lengths (for example 1 day, 3 days, 5 days), including where to stay and what to do. Describe village facilities, village highlights and other attractions in the local area.

  • Menus and introductions to homestays (to be completed by all participants)

    Describe the dishes available in your homestay as well as the accommodation and your hosts.

Participants are encouraged to illustrate their work with photographs, videos, drawings and/or other artworks. Photographs should be given to Dr Schubert as full size image files, separate from written content. Project organisers will advise on scanning of other artworks. Written content should be given to Dr Schubert in the form of .txt files.

Participants are requested to complete the tasks in English. Volunteers majoring in English will be available to help with translation and interpreting where necessary. Additional content in the participants’ mother language is welcome as well.

Participants are requested to indicate which tasks they would prefer to work on. The organisers will do their best to allocate participants to their preferred tasks, but this cannot be totally guaranteed.

Interested to work on these task and get in-depth insight into traditional Chinese culture and the life of common Chinese people living in a rural village? Apply now for the Yuyuan session, June 22 — July 12, 2016, and help us together with other participants from all over the world to protect the intangible culture of historical Chinese villages in Jinhua, Zhejiang province, China.