Yuyuan Hosted the Second Salon of the Jinhua Legal Information Center for Foreigners
Nataliia Litvinova, 2021-04-25

    The second legal salon, organized by the Jinhua Legal Information Center for Foreigners, was held in Yuyuan ancient village, Wuyi county, Jinhua on April 23.

    A total of 34 Jinhua-based expats from 23 countries attended the event where they learned about the country's labor law and policies regarding foreign experts and immigration.


    Lawyers handling foreign-related business from Beijing Grandway (Shanghai) Law Offices, experts from the Jinhua administration of foreign expert affairs, and staff members from Jinhua exit-entry administration bureau were invited to share knowledge.

    At the very beginning of the establishment, the Jinhua Legal Information Center for Foreigners was joined by 24 foreign volunteers from the United States, Italy, Romania, Ukraine, and 14 other countries, as well as 20 local lawyers.

    The legal salon is expected to help local expats become familiar with China's policies and regulations. This would in turn attract more foreigners to work and live in Jinhua and further promote the city's opening up and economic development.

Source: iJinhua