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Lovisetto Wishes to be Jinhua's Sports Ambassador
Nataliia Litvinova, 2017-10-09

Another session of the Jinhua Homestay has successfully come to an end. Just before the session's closing ceremony, Marco Lovisetto, the Italian consultant for the project, revealed one of his aspirations: to become Jinhua's sports ambassador.

Lovisetto is not just a common scholar; a tall and good-looking man of 31, he studied at Zhejiang Normal University, has been working for several years in the fields of education and translation, and was appointed one of the foreign consultants of the Jinhua Homestay at the very beginning of the project. Lovisetto is a fixture of the Jinhua Homestay; in fact, even before the launch of the first session, Jinhua ...


Auf Wiedersehen, Jinhua
Nataliia Litvinova, 2017-10-09

September 26 marked the end of the Shangjing session of the Jinhua Homestay, the day on which the particpants left the village. At the first light of dawn, the hosts got up to prepare one last breakfast for their “international children.”

Twenty-one days of living together made the participants, volunteers and villagers one large community. The “international children” had the most unforgettable experience of their lives in China and left with eternal affection for their Chinese families. Each of them wanted to stay a bit longer, and when the time to get on the bus approached, they did not want to cross the thresholds of their homes.


99 Footprints for International Friendship
Nataliia Litvinova, 2017-09-26

“Oh, it's finished, and it looks so cool!” At 11:30 am, the hard work of the Fairy Tales Trail group came to an end when Liu Gentu, a 93-year-old local, pressed his foot into the concrete of the spiral-like path completing “99 Footprints of Shangjing.”

At the entrance of Yuanji Hall in the village of Shangjing, the ground was filled in and paved with cobblestones, and on the morning of September 13, 99 local leaders; participants, volunteers, and staff members of the Shangjing session of the JH; and media and village representatives participated in the creation of the installation designed by the Fairy Tales Trail group. A spiral path ...


Biking along the Ecological Corridor
Nataliia Litvinova, 2017-09-26

On the morning of September 16, the participants of the Shangjing session of the Jinhua Homestay took part in a bike ride along the Mid-Zhejiang Ecological Corridor starting from Ai Qing Cultural Park. Zhang Weiya, deputy mayor and deputy director of the office of the Mid-Zhejiang Ecological Corridor, attended the event and gave the launch speech.

The Mid-Zhejiang Ecological Corridor is a new project completed according to Jinhua's modern view and based on the concept “Crystal Water and Verdurous Hills are Like Silver and Gold”: a new way to build a path toward environmental protection, green parks, and major landscapes.

The ...


Homestay Project for 2017 Jinhua Development Conference
Nataliia Litvinova, 2017-09-19

The opening of the sixth session of the Jinhua Homestay is an impressive reminder that the project has been held five times over a span of just over two years, recording the presence of 199 participants from 33 countries in Jinhua's historical villages. In these villages, the participants of the JH learned about the Jinhua Story, appreciated the affection shown by their hosts, collected memories that will stay with them throughout their lives, left with the desire to return, and became a group of international ambassadors of Jinhua.

The sixth session – which will take place in the village of Shangjing, Tangxi Town – will begin a new, ...


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