Project news

Cultural Mark: Wu Opera
Nataliia Litvinova, 2020-05-22

    Once you hear the name "Chinese Opera," Peking Opera comes to mind. However, Chinese opera is extensive and profound, with rich variety. Actually, there are over 360 kinds of opera such as Kun ...


Li Yu Drama Town Opens in Lanxi
Nataliia Litvinova, 2020-05-15

    On April 29, Li Yu Drama Town (李渔戏剧小镇) on Yongchang Street of the village of Xiali (夏李村), Lanxi City officially opened. Xiali is the hometown of Liyu (1611-1680), a famous dramatist from the Qing dynasty. 



Important Notice
Nataliia Litvinova, 2020-04-01

Because of the Covid-19 epidemic, the 9th Session of the Jinhua Homestay Project plans to stop the application process from foreign countries. The information regarding other activities of the Jinhua Homestay Project in 2020 will be released on the project website. Thank you for your attention to this matter and support.