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Mayor Ji's Global Villages
Christoph Schubert, 2017-02-09

On January 25, Ji Junmin, Jinhua Deputy Party Chief and Mayor, visited the participants of the Spring Festival Session of the Jinhua Homestay in the villages of Suoyuan and Siping. There, Mayor Ji stressed that the idea of “family” (jiā) is a major feature of Chinese culture, and therefore returning home during Spring Festival is fundamental; on the occasion of the Spring Festival Session of the Jinhua Homestay Project, it is crucial to have the participants feel the warmth and coziness of Jinhua's historical villages: ...


90 Students for Jinhua's New Year
Christoph Schubert, 2017-02-08

At 5:37 AM on January 23, Nicolas Pau, a Belgian student from Tsinghua University was the first participant of the Spring Festival Session 2017 of the Jinhua Homestay project to reach Jinhua. Before leaving for his final destination, Suoyuan, Jindong District, he went for a walk downtown.

At 7:34, Abdellah Berhil, a Moroccan student, was the second to arrive. His first comment was, “Nice!” as, for the first time, he experienced the Spring Festival Transport Peak. His final destination was Zhiyan, Lanxi. At 8:10, Diego Bolivar, husband of Ecuador's Deputy Consul General in Shanghai, arrived in Jinhua after learning about the Jinhua Homestay project during a visit to Wuyi in March ...


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