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The African Session of Jinhua Homestay - Arrival
Nataliia Litvinova, 2019-11-17

This is the arrival day of the participants for the African Session of Jinhua Homestay. 

The one-week session was held in Suoyuan Historical Village. On their arrival, all the villagers came to the village square to welcome our participants with drum performance. Then, the participants met their Homeplus families.

Homeplus is where our participants stay for the whole duration of the project. Homeplus is more than just Bed & Breakfast. It’s a unique experience of ...


Suoyuan ready for Jinhua Homestay
Christoph Schubert, 2017-06-28

Before the launch of the fifth session of the Jinhua Homestay project, on the morning of June 20, Deputy Mayor of Jinhua Shao Guoqiang visited Suoyuan—the location of the upcoming session. The people in charge of relevant municipal and Jindong District institutions took part in the visit and attended round-table talks. This session brings a new aspect in the schedule and content of the project: the overseas participants will experience a mixture of local traditional culture and e-commerce innovation. Additionally, there will be a series of activities related to the promotion of the Belt and Road strategy.

Deputy Mayor Shao ...

Mayor Ji's Global Villages
Christoph Schubert, 2017-02-09

On January 25, Ji Junmin, Jinhua Deputy Party Chief and Mayor, visited the participants of the Spring Festival Session of the Jinhua Homestay in the villages of Suoyuan and Siping. There, Mayor Ji stressed that the idea of “family” (jiā) is a major feature of Chinese culture, and therefore returning home during Spring Festival is fundamental; on the occasion of the Spring Festival Session of the Jinhua Homestay Project, it is crucial to have the participants feel the warmth and coziness of Jinhua's historical villages: ...