Introduction to Siping village

Siping Village (寺平村 Sìpíng Cūn) is located approx. 30 km west of Jinhua City Centre, Zhejiang Province.

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The village has a substantial core of old, traditional buildings, constructed of stone and/or wood, surrounded by houses built more recently.

Village street

The village contains some large stone buildings, several of which are decorated with high-quality stone carvings. In the larger wooden buildings, fine wood carving can also be seen.

Stone frieze detail
Carved wooden screen
An interesting mixture of larger and smaller buildings are used for housing.
Traditional mud-walled house
Villager preparing lunch in her house

Some traditional crafts are still practised in the village.

Villager making a beizi (cotton quilt) in his workshop
Home-made doufu (tofu) in a villager’s house

Siping Village has already been developed to some extent for tourism. Entry tickets are required for the larger halls. A restaurant just outside the old village caters for visitors.

Bamboo leaves being stuffed for Chinese New Year, in the local restaurant

There are some other attractions near the village, including a tea plantation, Jiufeng Hot Springs and Jiufeng Mountain Scenic Area.

Siping can be reached by bus from Jinhua City. Take the 502 bus from Jinhua South Bus Station (every 15 minutes, from 6:00 to 18:30 distance 30 km). Alight at the final stop, Tangxi Zhen (汤溪镇 Tāngxī Zhèn). In Tangxi, buses to Siping Village leave from Ximentou (西门头 Xīméntóu). The 610, 611, 612 and 613 buses all pass through Siping (distance about 5 km). Trip information based on local bus timetables.

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