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We are the Architecture Group at the 5th session of the Jinhua Homestay Project in Suoyuan Village. A brief information about our group is as follow,


My name is ABOUDOU Aboudoul Kadri, I’m from Togo Republic which is my father’s country and Senegal Republic which is my mom’s , and I was born in Belgium. I’ve completed my studies in Finance and Bank at the same time I was a professional football player. Before coming to China I’ve also been is several countries in Europe and in Africa.. I’m in China now for Almost 4 years. Where I studied Chinese language for 2 years. Now I’m studying Architecture at Zhejiang Sci – Tech University in Hangzhou. Now I took the opportunity that Jinhua – homestay gave me to explore Chinese Architecture through this awesome village, and learn more about the history. I love playing football , cartoons , video games , and I love cooking.


My name is PODAREVA Anastasia, I’m from RUSSIAN FEDERATION. I’ve been in China for 4 years. Nowadays, I study bachelor of Chinese language and literature in Zhejiang Sci-Tech University. My hobbies are writing poems and singing.


I am GAURI Deshpande. I belong to Maharashtra state and I live in Pune. My interest in the world of musical instruments began at the age of 10, when I started learning Indian classical music. What began as a hobby culminated into a full-fledged career path for me when I started pursuing a Master’s degree in music. I got numerous opportunities for the All India Radio ( Akashwani ) , which is a music channel on the Indian radio. I am equally enthralled by the customs and traditions of China. My first brush with this culture came at the age of 15 when I befriended two Chinese girls in my school. Their behaviour , mannerisms, language and stories about their home country further piqued up my interest. Having studied Bachelors and one-year Masters in International Business Management, I am particularly awed by the management skills and business structures in China. I got to know about the Jinhua Homestay project from my friend Yogish, who has already been a participant of the ZhiYan session last year. As he shared his amazing experiences about China and its culture, it got my curiosity there. From their food and music to their dressing style and language, China is one country that has never failed to inspire me it’s so truly said that, “Of all the books in the world, the best stories are found between the pages of a passport.” So I am really excited for the next chapter of my book and also experiencing it the best and that’s The Jinhua Homestay Project, China.


I am SYED Ammad ud din. I am Pakistani and currently living in Beijing, China. I study Automotive Engineering at Tsinghua University. This is my first time experiencing life in Chinese village and I am loving every moment.My hobbies are sports, eating and sleeping. I have chosen architecture group because I wanted to learn about the ancient construction techniques and would like to contribute to help protect these buildings.


I am MADHURA Dasnurkar from Pune, India. I am a student of architecture and a passionate and avid traveler. I firmly believe that the best learning happens while travelling and experiencing the local art, culture and architecture of any given place. Understanding of the local culture, the history and its importance during my architectural studies, has instigated in me a deep interest for the history and evolution of such village settlements and the culture surrounding it. That is why I wanted to be to be a part of the Jinhua Homestay Project and learn and experience historical Chinese architecture. Having read about Chinese history and traditions during my architectural history classes, it is like a dream come true for me, getting this opportunity to live in the midst of such a rich architectural and cultural legacy. And I’m sure that the rich stories that I take back home with me to India, shall inspire more architects such as myself, to come and be a part of this noble cause.


I am SHREYA Dubey I belong to a Madhya Pradesh a state in India. I have completed my studies in Architecture and I was always hold an interest in studying the cultural diversity of various countries round the world .this program gave me an opportunity to come and spend time with the regional people of the Village of understand about the ancient architecture of the Village , ethnic way of using materials, learning about the design philosophy behind each house and the theory of FengShui, learning about architectural characters and how to stay rooted to the culture with a tint of modernity.



I’m Chloe from Foreign Affaires Office of Yongkang Municipal Government. As the leader of architecture group, I am so proud to have such excellent participants and volunteers to complete this group task.





My name is Lin Fang Yu (林芳宇),my English name is Ellie. I come from Jiangshan, Zhejiang province. Now I’m studying for my master degree in Zhejiang Normal University, and my major is Translations studies. I’m an active and enthusiastic person and always ready to help others. I am a volunteer for Architecture group, so I usually take the responsibility of translation when our participants want to do a interview with the local villagers. As for me, myself also has a great interest in architecture. And I consider this chance of completing this task with my foreign participants as a precious memory.


I am a student from ZJNU in Jinhua, now as a volunteer in the architecture group. You can call me Maggie. I’ve been always eager to interact with foreigners and introduce the brilliant Chinese culture in an international stage. It’s a good opportunity for me to explore the traditional culture in Suoyuan, especially the architectures, and help foreign friends have a better understanding of these beautiful woodcarvings, structures, stories, beliefs about these ancient halls. My major task is to help our group members to communicate with villagers and translate their final results.


My Chinese name is 赵佳锜,and my English name is Ben. I study in Zhejiang Normal University as an English major student. One month ago, I chose to spend half of my summer holiday to be one part of the volunteer team. The reason is that I’d like to experience the tranquility of village life. Besides,I want to meet people all around the world and learn about their culture and history. Being one participant in the architecture group, I feel honored. I like exploring the history of ancient architecture that roots in this village. In the following days, I will try my best to offer my utmost help to those participants in the group.


My name is Jin Owen. I’m a student of National Kauhsiung Marine University and my major is marine engine.It is lucky that I can participate in this homestay project.

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