This International village is located approximately 17 km East of Jinhua City Center. It’s name is derived from the shape of the village as it resembles an ancient longevity lock!

Most residents carry the surname ‘Yan’ as they are descendants of Yan Zi-Ling, a famous hermit of the Eastern Han Dynasty. Most local people resides in ancient houses but some have newly built or remoulded their houses to appear more modern. Suoyuan can easily be reached by public transport from Jinhua city. The nearest town is Lipu town, which is 1.5 km on foot. Suoyuan is said to be one of the richest village in this area!

Our tourism page describes interesting sights and activities one can do in Suoyuan!

People in Suoyuan are friendly and open minded and it is easy to find people to chat and share stories with. One of the interesting thing is house doors are left open during daytime, so that the neighbours can drop by if they want.

Tourism activity has long been identified as a tool to development that stimulates improved environmental management and planning and its contribution towards environmental health. Rather than staying in a four star hotel or budget- friendly hostel in the Jinhua metropolis of five million people, one can prefer to stay in family homes in a village with closer to 1000 residents. The homestay in Suoyuan is very similar to bed and breakfasts often found in other parts of the world. Homestay are a sustainable hospitality option allowing guests to learn about Chinese history and culture while enjoying many modern conveniences.

You are also likely to get a good Chinese name from your host family

The one I got is – Yan Chin Suo 严金锁

Our webpage ‘Tourism in Suoyuan’ will give you a good idea of


As a traveler one needs sufficient information about the place he/she visits, our motive and aim is to deliver genuine and useful information to our users ! Hope my article helps you.

Souyuan Village Experience

As part of my graduate studies, I was invited to apply for a homestay program in Jinhua, China. I thought this project sounded great: three weeks in a rural village in China with loads of cultural tour and tons of activities provided. The key sponsor of this program is the Foreign and Overseas-Chinese Affairs Office of Jinhua Municipal People’s Government.
The Jinhua Homestay program is specially tailored made to give participants an intimate look at life in a typical rural village in China. When most people picture China, undoubtedly the first thing that comes to mind is huge cities with multistory building and millions of people. However, just under half of the population of China lives in a rural area. The urban population exceeded rural population 5 years ago. So rural areas and small villages play a crucial role in China.
The aims of this project is to help preserve the original cultural atmosphere of these historical villages. And then to assist with developing them as destinations for both domestic and international tourists. The program also emphasizes on cultural exchange and promoting an understanding of Chinese culture, architecture, art, and folklore. By learning about Jinhua and Chinese culture, we will be able to share these stories with the world.
There are about 40 participants from all over the world. Some are students of language and culture, while some have lived in China previously and some are like myself; no previous experience much of China or the language.
This session, we are based in Souyuan village, about couple of hours away from Jinhua city. Many of these villages date back hundreds of years. In some cases,
historical buildings were torn down to make way for more modern structures. They have been electrified and furnished with modern facilities and are still used as town centers and meeting places. We are all staying in a homestay, with a local family. In my house, we have three participants plus a volunteer leader. These volunteers are mostly students who serve as translators, teachers, and liaisons for the foreign participants between the program managers and our hosts.
In addition to learning more about Chinese culture, we divided into groups and have begun working on making a pamphlet with information on the area, and we have also been photographed extensively.
Three weeks into the program and I have learned more about China than I ever thought possible. I have met some amazing people, both local people from the community and other participants from all over the world. I am looking forward to the final week and completing our project. I would highly recommend this program to anyone who is interested in learning more about the world and other cultures.
By Ms. Nang Si Htong
2017 July 12

E-bike plus nature equals happiness

Good morning, Suoyuan! 🙂

E-commerce is a fascinating phenomenon that rapidly transforms global economy. In 2015-16 Asia-Pacific region dominated B2C e-commerce. China leading this e-commerce movement in the region with $766.5 bln turnover as of 2015. Jinhua in particular is the place to visit when one wants to learn more about e-commerce nuts and bolts and to see for themselves how e-economy contributes to the national development goals and cross-boarder cooperation.  Alibaba, TaoBao, Tensen, and many other well-known e-business giants are headquartered in the area forming what one might call the Silicon Valley of China.  Many e-business incubators scattered in the region offering young entrepreneurs opportunities to experiment with ideas, build their own business, and promote themselves online. Receiving an opportunity to attend the Jinhua Homestay project 2017 located exactly in this thriving area meant to have a chance to see for myself what made the e-commerce in Jinhua so successful.

As a part of the e-commerce task team for the Jinhua Homestay 2017 program, I was able to meet with the representatives of many interesting e-commerce projects in the region:  (i) LiPu Plants Nursery, which trades gardening plants and equipment across China and overseas. (ii)YiWu, China’s number one e-commerce village that offers all interpreters – even those with very little capital – an opportunity to open new business of their dream. The village provides entrepreneurs with all facilities necessary for the smooth e-business operation and offers support negotiating deals with many middlemen a business has to deal with to trade successfully.

One of the days at the Jinhua Homestay, the organizers hosted a lecture that aimed at helping the participants to better understand the phenomenon of the e-commerce in Jindong, Jinhua, and China. One of the greatest inventions of the Chinese e-commerce industry to date is the shared e-bicycle. Only when visiting China did I realize how great such an invention is! In China, renting the bike over an app is a piece of cake. What is more wonderful – its rent cost is very low. Bikes are available everywhere. For the lazy ones there is even an option to rent an electric bike that can go as fast as the car can.  To no surprise, we have an e-bike station at our Homestay in Suoyouan.

Almost every morning I take advantage of having the bikes right there across the street from my home. Riding around the village helped me to enjoy the beauty of the area to the fullest. It is such an amazing feeling when you ride the bike down the bike lane very early in the morning surrounded with nothing but beautiful nature brimming with life! Birds have just awoken, the air is cool, and large leaves of the lotus flower are covered with the morning dew reflecting the sun in every drop! A rare opportunity for a city girl to get a piece of quiet and tranquility. I would give the world to have the opportunity to experience it again and again.

With that, it looks like I have to thank e-commerce for coming up with such an amazing idea as the e-bike, Jinhua entrepreneurs for making it so easy for me to have access to one on a daily basis, and the village of Suoyouan for offering me the most valuable treasure there is – natural scenery – to enjoy when riding the bike.

Polina Bogomolova

Warm hello from the group participants

 Aman Agarwal

I am from INDIA. I am pursuing Bachelors of Technology in Computer Science and also learning Mandarin language in my hometown so I got this opportunity to visit ‘ Jinhua Homestay Project. I came here To get the better understanding of Chinese culture. I have chosen this topic ‘E commerce’ because I’m interested in doing business and would like to give my contribution for this project!

My Jinhua Story        Regarding the E-Commerce Research   Suoyuan


Ntando Poti

I’m flexible, quick to pick up new skills and eager to learn from others. I am an extroverted outgoing socialite. Currently I am an intern at Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality based at Buffalo City Tourism Information Office at East London Airport, graduated on 2016. I have an open mind with administration and tourism related matters and concepts. I am reliable, trustworthy and down to earth. Also, I am able to work on my own initiative or as a part of a team as I am a socialite and eager to work with people. I have strong communication skills and an ability to interact with internal and external partners, with a genuine interest in learning by helping. For my part withing the group, I am focusing on the e-commerce of the Jindong district and its importance in Jinhua, also finding means to assist Jinhua by creating a good website for its tourism to attract more visitors and boost its economy.

My Jinhua Story


Ayukegba Nguimbous Achille

I am from Cameroon. I am currently a student in Zhejiang Sci-Tech University where I am doing my research in Fluid Machinery and Engineering. I like Basketball, Photography and Traveling.





Polina Bogomolova

I was born in Russia and traveled quite a bit over the past 10+ years. Interest in international development, rural development, food security and agriculture determined my current career path. My deep interest in China, Chinese language and culture, as well as Chinese experience in subjects mentioned above sparked my desire to participate in the Jinhua Homestay project.

As part of the 2017 Suoyuan cohort, I am a member of E-Commerce group. Within our group, we have divided ourselves in pairs to complete the tasks assigned more efficiently and diligently. Together with Aman, I work on preparing two case studies and researching current state of e-commerce development in Jinhua and Jindong. In addition, both of us are designated by our group to design the Tourism e-space at the Jinhua homestay website.

My Jinhua Story


Faiza Manzoor

My Chinese name is 法怡姿。I belong to Pakistan but I  live in Hangzhou, China. I’m doing Ph.D in Agricultural economics and management in Zhejiang university. My strength is: I am hardworking. I’m  interested to join such as institute or project etc to learn. My main role is collection of information from local pottery factory with my partner.

My Jinhua Story    Unforgettable tour in China



Sughra Fareed

I am from Pakistan, currently studying Law as doctoral student at Zhejiang University in Hangzhou, China. Zhejiang University is one of top universities in China, and also counted in top hundred universities at international level, Hanghzou is also one of moderate city of china; I have visited china from east to North and north to south, but could not find a city like Hangzhou. Luckily I got a chance to participate in Jinhua home stay project, here I have assigned a task for e-commerce along with my other fellows, in which I have to search material (like published papers, articles, newspaper, some case studies etc) related to e-commerce in Jindong district and Jinhua village, after collection of data we will have to analyze the current situation of e-commerce in Jinhua in order to reach the solid conclusion, and then our team will present some suggestions for improving the Jinhua e-commerce.

My Jinhua Story

Nang Si Htong

I come from a small town of Keng Tong, Shan State, Myanmar. Currently, I am pursuing my Master degree in Business Administration (specializing in Human Resource Management) at Zhejiang Normal University in Jinhua. My strengths includes hardworking, self-motivating, and dedicated towards my work. Further, I am a good listener and a quick learner. Top on the highlight during my first year as a student was experiencing the colorful annual cultural festival, it was always a blast and you would better not miss it. Jinhua is consider top ten livable city in China. My main role includes doing research and collecting information on the famous local pottery factory and its relation to e-commerce.

The best shopping on-line experience   Suoyuan Historical village experience



Unforgettable tour in China

3-week home-stay experience in Jinhua was quite amazing. During my stay in Souyuan village (ancient architecture and historical village) Jinhua I learnt about Chinese traditional culture, historical architecture and had a great experience life with a Chinese family and with the participant from the different countries.

During my stay in Jinhua we had different activities and visited to different places such as Lipu Garden City and Guwuyaohuo (local pottery factory) one of the first pottery factory of China and had a great experience about pottery making. Visited to Lingyin Buddhist Temple, West Lake and Qiangjiang New CBD in Hangzhou was very interested with our Chinese volunteers and foreigner participants we all were like a family and we enjoyed a lot. We had lunch with Madam Chen Aizhen, Exective Vice President of Zhejiang Provincial People’s Association for Friendship with foreign countries i was representative from the my country Pakistan i felt very proud at that time because i was representing my country Pakistan.

Being a Muslim i was totally unaware and unfamiliar about the other religions actually i was not interested in other religions but during this project i got chance to visit to Zhizhe Buddhist Temple in Jinhua Mountain and Wong Tai sin Taoist Temple so now i have a lot of information about Buddhist and Taoist. Double-dragon cave was one of the wonderful and best tours of my life i enjoyed a lot there it was scary but enjoyable.

Different folklore activities for example tea art, paper cutting, shoe weaving, flower arrangement, grinding tofu, green way cycling and Dragon light dance and wu opera performance was new for me in china these activities made me more excited. In Jinhua Homestay project during cultural lecture I got a lot of information and knowledge about architecture in southern china, pottery, one belt one road initiative, wu opera, calligraphy, Chinese religion culture and E-commerce. Quite interesting lecture was a lecture about E-commerce, E-commerce is commercial transaction conducted electronically on the internet. Yiwu (E-commerce village) in Jinhua is very famous for online shopping. And i had online shopping positive experience and I bought different goods from taobao and jingdong (JD) and i am satisfied from my online shopping in china. During my project i worked in the group of E-commerce and also visited to Yiwu and i got much knowledge about online shopping it’s a superior and easy way to buy goods online. In my country Pakistan E-commerce is not same like China so i got different ideas and good impression of E-commerce during my Homestay in Jinhua, so i wish and would like to go back and introduce Chinese E-commerce especially i want same city like Yiwu (E-commerce village) in Pakistan.

Faiza Manzoor

My Jinhua Story

I think without your personal experience you can’t write anything, so same case before coming to china I was unaware about china ecommerce, so when I got scholarship for Zhejiang University, I came to china, being a part of daily life I had required everything to buy for my initial setup, I was searching the shops and places so that I could buy, I was new here, so had some troubles, later on one of my senior fellow introduced me with taobao, I became surprised taobao is a big platform for online shopping, you can easily buy whatever you wants and whenever you wants just on your one click. It is more convenient, that’s why Taobao is certainly great and most valuable company. Its model insists on charging no commission on both sellers and vendors. By making 1 trillion transaction, taobao will not earn as much as Comparison to others like EBay or Amazon in US,   I think that’s why jack ma always says he’s not making huge money but happy money.

During my one year experience and Studying e-commerce, I felt that this mode of business is becoming the most popular with unbelievable high speed in China, because China’s e-commerce, by and large, economy is expanding so fiercely.  I think China is a sovereign nation. I suppose there is the World Trade Organization, that’s why the economist seems quite excited about the growth and potential of ecommerce.

Being participated for ‘Jinhua Homestay project’ I have also became aware about certain shops and companies, some of them I have visited and some of them I have check through internet, e.g, Lipu Nursery co., LTD, Guwuyaohua (local pottery factory) etc. After visiting and studying these companies I came to know more about ecommerce in china, and also came to know how it is useful in our busy lives.

Sughra Fareed

My Jinhua Story

During my experience at Jinhua Homestay project, I was fortunate enough to have experience firsthand and learned, many different sides what goes into a project, the general process of how a project is initially planned, developed and completed, as well as how much work and detail goes into every stage.

Another valuable lesson I have learned during  3 three weeks the many different types of task has to perform which is turn, have provided me with more insight into the different types of roles and responsibilities that I could perform.

In this project there are four groups news group, Architecture group, gardening group and e-commerce group but I worked in E-commerce group It was very helpful to me in learning and it was a great experience to work together with other participant they belongs to different countries and I got many ideas and knowledge from them.

During this project my visit to china’s first online shop village “Qingyan Liu” located in jiangdong street of yiwu city, Zhejiang Provinces, I came to know online shoping in jinhua is very famous and unlimited and greatest upward ecommerce market. Online shoping is one of a successful business.  One of the main advantage of online shopping to the customer is its most convenient and time saving for customers.  We can buy everything with one click and goods will be at the door. I also have online shoping experience such as taobao in china I bought many things from taobao and I am very satisfied with this online shoping. Online shoping is not time consuming process and it’s very convenient, having high outcomes its show a really good impression for the ecommerce industry.

Faiza Manzoor

My Jinhua Story

My name is Aman Agarwal, 21 years old from the state of Maharashtra in India

Currently I am pursuing Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science & Engineering from Symbiosis International University; from past 3 months I have been studying Mandarin from my hometown and have successfully completed beginner level.

For the past 4 years I have been helping out my Dad in his Company which manufactures Plastic disposable cutlery and Aluminium food containers under the brand name ‘The Deccan Serve Co.’ for the Indian market.

Managing my college hours and factory hours was quite challenging and which I still to date schedule it very timely. This has taught me the importance of time and made a huge change, so that I could become a better version of myself. I have keen interest in attending Entrepreneur-ship seminars held in our college and other universities.

Networking and interacting with people has become an important part of my life, sitting with local families, knowing about them, their culture and exploring their local languages is something great that I have experienced Personally I think manners and ethics are the key to success, they make us understand where people are coming from and also help you with communication and interaction. This is the basic introduction about myself.

As Jinhua homestay project requires all the qualities which I posses !

Also the E-Commerce task gave me a good opportunity to learn about e commerce sector of Jinhua ! This opportunity taught me a lot new things that how e commerce works and importance of this sector in coming generations!

In my next article I would like to describe our team experience about our Research on E commerce in Jinhua !

Aman Agarwal

Amazing things about China – focusing on the Bullet train

A black young African from South Africa going out of the country for the first time in his life. I cannot forget the 13-hour China trip. My first day in China was a culture shock – well, even on the train station people looked at me in a different unusual way. Of which, it was something I did not mind at all as I knew I was a foreigner to this country. There were just so many Asians and lights everywhere. Being in a very bigger and busy city as opposed to the ones you know from back home was quite fascinating because it was like I am in the movie and it’s about me in this big country far away from home.

I got so excited from the hospitality and welcoming given by people as I got to the airport. The bullet train from Shangai to Jinhua was quite thrilling, I was stunned. I came to know that I can shop online too. When it comes to online shopping, no one can compete with Taobao. You sit in your room and order something, and then it arrives at your doorstep – the craze is unstoppable.  I was very impressed by how most of the things are done here in China, how almost everything has to do with technology nowadays. Yes we do online shopping in my country, but online shopping here is like done for each and everything – therefore making it very easy and simpler for people.

Getting to know people and visit well known places in China

Being assigned to be in the e-commerce group of the Jinhua Homestay Cultural village was pretty much interesting as I felt that I would also get to experience this norm of doing online shopping in China, get to  know how it really works and what are the outcomes of it.

On the 5th day of the programme we had a really interesting wonderful trip to the local pottery factory in Jinhua, Zhejiang province. We were shown on how pottery and porcelain is made and distributed to the companies and individual buyers. Also got to know that one can utilise that business via an application, therefore that’s ecommerce at its best. Quite amazing how online shopping has almost no limits in Jinhua, you can buy anything you want at any given time and that is a great experience. I also got to do online shopping while I am here in Jinhua, I bought a phone online and I received it after a few days, which shows a really good impression for the ecommerce industry.

Ntando Poti

Greetings from the group volunteers

Colin Tsai (蔡晨光)

Hello! My name is Colin Tsai. I come from Fujian Province, China. It is the first time I volunteer for the Homestay project. I find it interesting and fulfilling. I am fond of singing, swimming, collecting stamps, broadcasting and traveling. It is my great honor to be here to appreciate the enchanting scenery and communicate with participants and volunteers coming from both China and abroad. The villagers’ hospitality makes me feel at ease. During the project, I have learned the importance of teamwork, punctuality and work efficiency. Even though the project is demanding, I believe, together with my team I can accomplish all the tasks.

Lili Leigh (邹雅丽)

Hi, I am Lili Leigh (邹雅丽) from Hu Zhou, Zhejiang province. As an outgoing and energetic girl, I enjoy very much participating in such volunteering projects as Jinhua Homestay. It is my great pleasure to meet all the interesting people in the Suoyuan charming village. I have learned a lot from all the lectures, meetings with renowned experts and officials, and activities all Homestay project participants shared together. This Homestay project will be my indelible memory!

Wendy (Wang Fang)

Hello, my Chinese name is Wang Fang, and my English name is Wendy. I come from Shaoxing, a beautiful city in Zhejiang province. I am honored to be a volunteer for the homestay project. For my personality, I am easygoing, warmhearted and hard-working. I have many hobbies, such as playing badminton, singing, watching TV series, and listening to Yue Opera. I feel so excited to stay with foreign friends, and we must make good friends with each other. What’s more, our group must do a good job. I think we can make it.

Katherine Zhang (张益沙)

My name is Katherine Zhang (张益沙) and I am from Jinhua. I am currently a sophomore at the University of California, San Diego. I like swimming, playing instruments, playing basketball and Chess during my leisure time. I feel lucky receiving a chance to participate in the Jinhua Homestay project in Suoyuan. I am so glad to meet and get to know many of the participants, who came from so many countries to attend this project.

Jenkin (金正宇)

My name is Jenkin (金正宇), and I come from Zhejiang Province, China. I have been working for Jinhua Foreign and Overseas-Chinese Affairs Office for almost 2 years. It is my third 21-days long trip as a member of Homestay in Jinhua’s Historical Villages Project. I like sports, especially basketball. I know teamwork is very important for the e-commerce group projects. I feel honored to work in such a dedicated group. Go E-commercers!