Greetings from the group volunteers

Colin Tsai (蔡晨光)

Hello! My name is Colin Tsai. I come from Fujian Province, China. It is the first time I volunteer for the Homestay project. I find it interesting and fulfilling. I am fond of singing, swimming, collecting stamps, broadcasting and traveling. It is my great honor to be here to appreciate the enchanting scenery and communicate with participants and volunteers coming from both China and abroad. The villagers’ hospitality makes me feel at ease. During the project, I have learned the importance of teamwork, punctuality and work efficiency. Even though the project is demanding, I believe, together with my team I can accomplish all the tasks.

Lili Leigh (邹雅丽)

Hi, I am Lili Leigh (邹雅丽) from Hu Zhou, Zhejiang province. As an outgoing and energetic girl, I enjoy very much participating in such volunteering projects as Jinhua Homestay. It is my great pleasure to meet all the interesting people in the Suoyuan charming village. I have learned a lot from all the lectures, meetings with renowned experts and officials, and activities all Homestay project participants shared together. This Homestay project will be my indelible memory!

Wendy (Wang Fang)

Hello, my Chinese name is Wang Fang, and my English name is Wendy. I come from Shaoxing, a beautiful city in Zhejiang province. I am honored to be a volunteer for the homestay project. For my personality, I am easygoing, warmhearted and hard-working. I have many hobbies, such as playing badminton, singing, watching TV series, and listening to Yue Opera. I feel so excited to stay with foreign friends, and we must make good friends with each other. What’s more, our group must do a good job. I think we can make it.

Katherine Zhang (张益沙)

My name is Katherine Zhang (张益沙) and I am from Jinhua. I am currently a sophomore at the University of California, San Diego. I like swimming, playing instruments, playing basketball and Chess during my leisure time. I feel lucky receiving a chance to participate in the Jinhua Homestay project in Suoyuan. I am so glad to meet and get to know many of the participants, who came from so many countries to attend this project.

Jenkin (金正宇)

My name is Jenkin (金正宇), and I come from Zhejiang Province, China. I have been working for Jinhua Foreign and Overseas-Chinese Affairs Office for almost 2 years. It is my third 21-days long trip as a member of Homestay in Jinhua’s Historical Villages Project. I like sports, especially basketball. I know teamwork is very important for the e-commerce group projects. I feel honored to work in such a dedicated group. Go E-commercers!






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