Regarding E commerce research

Hey guys ! In this 21 days project my main task was to promote tourism in  Suoyuan and Research  about the existing e commerce status/market in Jinhua . We were a team of 7 participants from all over the world .

Regarding E commerce research-

During these 21 days we visited many E commerce firms and factories! We attended seminars from E commerce leaders who gave us the better understanding of E commerce in Jinhua !

We visited-

  • Lipu Nursery in Jindong area
  • Guwuyaohua – Pottery factory
  • Qingyanliu – E commerce Village
  • Tencent, We start building

We had a Hands on experience in Guwuyaohua- Pottery factory !

In Lipu Nursery and Qingyanliu we were given a brief knowledge about their working nature !

Mr Chi Shuiming gave us a better understanding about the e commerce situation in Jinhua and China through his lecture!

Some key points mentioned by him were-

  • 1 million people are involved in this sector (e commerce)
  • Jinhua ranks top 100 cities in China
  • com are some of the important companies in Jinhua
  • Government is promoting users in this sector
  • Housing and transportation is also increased due to this sector
  • Homestay project by Government to promote Jinhua
  • After 2012 there was a development era in this region !
  • Yiwu is the largest International market of trade, which is in Jinhua
  • Tao Bao village is one the best inventions you can call made by the Government of Jinhua
  • Food , Hardware & Cosmetics all 3 have the good market in Jinhua
  • In the end he concluded saying that Jinhua is a developing city in E commerce sector!

Thus by all this information our team was able to make Research case studies regarding the E commerce situation in Jinhua (You can go through our Case studies)

In the next article I will mention about my work for Tourism in Suoyuan village!

Aman Agarwal

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