My Jinhua Story

My name is Aman Agarwal, 21 years old from the state of Maharashtra in India

Currently I am pursuing Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science & Engineering from Symbiosis International University; from past 3 months I have been studying Mandarin from my hometown and have successfully completed beginner level.

For the past 4 years I have been helping out my Dad in his Company which manufactures Plastic disposable cutlery and Aluminium food containers under the brand name β€˜The Deccan Serve Co.’ for the Indian market.

Managing my college hours and factory hours was quite challenging and which I still to date schedule it very timely. This has taught me the importance of time and made a huge change, so that I could become a better version of myself. I have keen interest in attending Entrepreneur-ship seminars held in our college and other universities.

Networking and interacting with people has become an important part of my life, sitting with local families, knowing about them, their culture and exploring their local languages is something great that I have experienced Personally I think manners and ethics are the key to success, they make us understand where people are coming from and also help you with communication and interaction. This is the basic introduction about myself.

As Jinhua homestay project requires all the qualities which I posses !

Also the E-Commerce task gave me a good opportunity to learn about e commerce sector of Jinhua ! This opportunity taught me a lot new things that how e commerce works and importance of this sector in coming generations!

In my next article I would like to describe our team experience about our Research on E commerce in Jinhua !

Aman Agarwal

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