My Jinhua Story

I think without your personal experience you can’t write anything, so same case before coming to china I was unaware about china ecommerce, so when I got scholarship for Zhejiang University, I came to china, being a part of daily life I had required everything to buy for my initial setup, I was searching the shops and places so that I could buy, I was new here, so had some troubles, later on one of my senior fellow introduced me with taobao, I became surprised taobao is a big platform for online shopping, you can easily buy whatever you wants and whenever you wants just on your one click. It is more convenient, that’s why Taobao is certainly great and most valuable company. Its model insists on charging no commission on both sellers and vendors. By making 1 trillion transaction, taobao will not earn as much as Comparison to others like EBay or Amazon in US,   I think that’s why jack ma always says he’s not making huge money but happy money.

During my one year experience and Studying e-commerce, I felt that this mode of business is becoming the most popular with unbelievable high speed in China, because China’s e-commerce, by and large, economy is expanding so fiercely.  I think China is a sovereign nation. I suppose there is the World Trade Organization, that’s why the economist seems quite excited about the growth and potential of ecommerce.

Being participated for ‘Jinhua Homestay project’ I have also became aware about certain shops and companies, some of them I have visited and some of them I have check through internet, e.g, Lipu Nursery co., LTD, Guwuyaohua (local pottery factory) etc. After visiting and studying these companies I came to know more about ecommerce in china, and also came to know how it is useful in our busy lives.

Sughra Fareed

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