My Jinhua Story

During my experience at Jinhua Homestay project, I was fortunate enough to have experience firsthand and learned, many different sides what goes into a project, the general process of how a project is initially planned, developed and completed, as well as how much work and detail goes into every stage.

Another valuable lesson I have learned during  3 three weeks the many different types of task has to perform which is turn, have provided me with more insight into the different types of roles and responsibilities that I could perform.

In this project there are four groups news group, Architecture group, gardening group and e-commerce group but I worked in E-commerce group It was very helpful to me in learning and it was a great experience to work together with other participant they belongs to different countries and I got many ideas and knowledge from them.

During this project my visit to china’s first online shop village “Qingyan Liu” located in jiangdong street of yiwu city, Zhejiang Provinces, I came to know online shoping in jinhua is very famous and unlimited and greatest upward ecommerce market. Online shoping is one of a successful business.  One of the main advantage of online shopping to the customer is its most convenient and time saving for customers.  We can buy everything with one click and goods will be at the door. I also have online shoping experience such as taobao in china I bought many things from taobao and I am very satisfied with this online shoping. Online shoping is not time consuming process and it’s very convenient, having high outcomes its show a really good impression for the ecommerce industry.

Faiza Manzoor

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