Amazing things about China – focusing on the Bullet train

A black young African from South Africa going out of the country for the first time in his life. I cannot forget the 13-hour China trip. My first day in China was a culture shock – well, even on the train station people looked at me in a different unusual way. Of which, it was something I did not mind at all as I knew I was a foreigner to this country. There were just so many Asians and lights everywhere. Being in a very bigger and busy city as opposed to the ones you know from back home was quite fascinating because it was like I am in the movie and it’s about me in this big country far away from home.

I got so excited from the hospitality and welcoming given by people as I got to the airport. The bullet train from Shangai to Jinhua was quite thrilling, I was stunned. I came to know that I can shop online too. When it comes to online shopping, no one can compete with Taobao. You sit in your room and order something, and then it arrives at your doorstep – the craze is unstoppable.  I was very impressed by how most of the things are done here in China, how almost everything has to do with technology nowadays. Yes we do online shopping in my country, but online shopping here is like done for each and everything – therefore making it very easy and simpler for people.

Getting to know people and visit well known places in China

Being assigned to be in the e-commerce group of the Jinhua Homestay Cultural village was pretty much interesting as I felt that I would also get to experience this norm of doing online shopping in China, get to  know how it really works and what are the outcomes of it.

On the 5th day of the programme we had a really interesting wonderful trip to the local pottery factory in Jinhua, Zhejiang province. We were shown on how pottery and porcelain is made and distributed to the companies and individual buyers. Also got to know that one can utilise that business via an application, therefore that’s ecommerce at its best. Quite amazing how online shopping has almost no limits in Jinhua, you can buy anything you want at any given time and that is a great experience. I also got to do online shopping while I am here in Jinhua, I bought a phone online and I received it after a few days, which shows a really good impression for the ecommerce industry.

Ntando Poti

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