This International village is located approximately 17 km East of Jinhua City Center. It’s name is derived from the shape of the village as it resembles an ancient longevity lock!

Most residents carry the surname ‘Yan’ as they are descendants of Yan Zi-Ling, a famous hermit of the Eastern Han Dynasty. Most local people resides in ancient houses but some have newly built or remoulded their houses to appear more modern. Suoyuan can easily be reached by public transport from Jinhua city. The nearest town is Lipu town, which is 1.5 km on foot. Suoyuan is said to be one of the richest village in this area!

Our tourism page describes interesting sights and activities one can do in Suoyuan!

People in Suoyuan are friendly and open minded and it is easy to find people to chat and share stories with. One of the interesting thing is house doors are left open during daytime, so that the neighbours can drop by if they want.

Tourism activity has long been identified as a tool to development that stimulates improved environmental management and planning and its contribution towards environmental health. Rather than staying in a four star hotel or budget- friendly hostel in the Jinhua metropolis of five million people, one can prefer to stay in family homes in a village with closer to 1000 residents. The homestay in Suoyuan is very similar to bed and breakfasts often found in other parts of the world. Homestay are a sustainable hospitality option allowing guests to learn about Chinese history and culture while enjoying many modern conveniences.

You are also likely to get a good Chinese name from your host family

The one I got is – Yan Chin Suo 严金锁

Our webpage ‘Tourism in Suoyuan’ will give you a good idea of


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