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Before I arrived to China, my knowledge about ecommerce was very vague. I was completely new to the idea of online shopping. So having said that with the most internet user of any country, China is the world’s largest and fastest growing ecommerce market. In an online store it is very difficult to get the same quality of service that in a physical retailer, but ecommerce in China have managed to bring the shopping experience to the highest level.

Having participated in this edutainment ‘Jinhua Homestay Program’ many professors and experts shared tons of knowledge about ecommerce and how it has penetrated into Chinese market. Further deliberated on future of ecommerce business. And having first hand experiencing with the town of ecommerce in Yiwu give me a vivid information of what are the procession procedure. This is how I became more understanding of how important of ecommerce is. I would surely bring the idea/strategy back to my home country (Myanmar) which the people or businessman are still quite reluctant to share the same idea or market of the ecommerce. Not to say in Myanmar, even in Thailand I was not trust the online shopping much.

To share my own incident, I clearly remember signing into their website reluctantly, and purchasing electronic mat, last year (when I was first arrived in China). Service is impeccable, and the quality of the product. After that event, I became a huge fan of ecommerce and online shopping.  Lately, I have been having a lot online shopping experiences especially taobao. I haven’t had disappointments from online purchases. It’s big booming business. I learnt that ecommerce is most convenient for individuals that don’t have time to go to the store. It’s also convenient since we don’t have to drive, catch the bus, wait in a long line, or deal with not being able to find an item. All we have to do is type in the item we are looking for and it’s there. Once we locate our item, we can order it anytime because online stores never close.

One of the main advantage of online shopping to the consumer is the convenience of being able to shop anywhere and anytime. Online stores can be easily accessed by any device which can connect to the internet.

With ecommerce, it is entirely possible to shop in wee hours of the morning. While still on the bed as online stores never close. Online shopping gives us the ability to read reviews about the items before we purchase. It takes less effort for consumer to make better decisions. An individual only has to log onto a particular website, add the items they want to purchase into their shopping basket then process payment and done. Lastly, personally online shopping is enjoyable and fun.

Nang Si Htong

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