Unforgettable tour in China

3-week home-stay experience in Jinhua was quite amazing. During my stay in Souyuan village (ancient architecture and historical village) Jinhua I learnt about Chinese traditional culture, historical architecture and had a great experience life with a Chinese family and with the participant from the different countries.

During my stay in Jinhua we had different activities and visited to different places such as Lipu Garden City and Guwuyaohuo (local pottery factory) one of the first pottery factory of China and had a great experience about pottery making. Visited to Lingyin Buddhist Temple, West Lake and Qiangjiang New CBD in Hangzhou was very interested with our Chinese volunteers and foreigner participants we all were like a family and we enjoyed a lot. We had lunch with Madam Chen Aizhen, Exective Vice President of Zhejiang Provincial People’s Association for Friendship with foreign countries i was representative from the my country Pakistan i felt very proud at that time because i was representing my country Pakistan.

Being a Muslim i was totally unaware and unfamiliar about the other religions actually i was not interested in other religions but during this project i got chance to visit to Zhizhe Buddhist Temple in Jinhua Mountain and Wong Tai sin Taoist Temple so now i have a lot of information about Buddhist and Taoist. Double-dragon cave was one of the wonderful and best tours of my life i enjoyed a lot there it was scary but enjoyable.

Different folklore activities for example tea art, paper cutting, shoe weaving, flower arrangement, grinding tofu, green way cycling and Dragon light dance and wu opera performance was new for me in china these activities made me more excited. In Jinhua Homestay project during cultural lecture I got a lot of information and knowledge about architecture in southern china, pottery, one belt one road initiative, wu opera, calligraphy, Chinese religion culture and E-commerce. Quite interesting lecture was a lecture about E-commerce, E-commerce is commercial transaction conducted electronically on the internet. Yiwu (E-commerce village) in Jinhua is very famous for online shopping. And i had online shopping positive experience and I bought different goods from taobao and jingdong (JD) and i am satisfied from my online shopping in china. During my project i worked in the group of E-commerce and also visited to Yiwu and i got much knowledge about online shopping it’s a superior and easy way to buy goods online. In my country Pakistan E-commerce is not same like China so i got different ideas and good impression of E-commerce during my Homestay in Jinhua, so i wish and would like to go back and introduce Chinese E-commerce especially i want same city like Yiwu (E-commerce village) in Pakistan.

Faiza Manzoor

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