Warm hello from the group participants

 Aman Agarwal

I am from INDIA. I am pursuing Bachelors of Technology in Computer Science and also learning Mandarin language in my hometown so I got this opportunity to visit ‘ Jinhua Homestay Project. I came here To get the better understanding of Chinese culture. I have chosen this topic ‘E commerce’ because I’m interested in doing business and would like to give my contribution for this project!

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Ntando Poti

I’m flexible, quick to pick up new skills and eager to learn from others. I am an extroverted outgoing socialite. Currently I am an intern at Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality based at Buffalo City Tourism Information Office at East London Airport, graduated on 2016. I have an open mind with administration and tourism related matters and concepts. I am reliable, trustworthy and down to earth. Also, I am able to work on my own initiative or as a part of a team as I am a socialite and eager to work with people. I have strong communication skills and an ability to interact with internal and external partners, with a genuine interest in learning by helping. For my part withing the group, I am focusing on the e-commerce of the Jindong district and its importance in Jinhua, also finding means to assist Jinhua by creating a good website for its tourism to attract more visitors and boost its economy.

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Ayukegba Nguimbous Achille

I am from Cameroon. I am currently a student in Zhejiang Sci-Tech University where I am doing my research in Fluid Machinery and Engineering. I like Basketball, Photography and Traveling.





Polina Bogomolova

I was born in Russia and traveled quite a bit over the past 10+ years. Interest in international development, rural development, food security and agriculture determined my current career path. My deep interest in China, Chinese language and culture, as well as Chinese experience in subjects mentioned above sparked my desire to participate in the Jinhua Homestay project.

As part of the 2017 Suoyuan cohort, I am a member of E-Commerce group. Within our group, we have divided ourselves in pairs to complete the tasks assigned more efficiently and diligently. Together with Aman, I work on preparing two case studies and researching current state of e-commerce development in Jinhua and Jindong. In addition, both of us are designated by our group to design the Tourism e-space at the Jinhua homestay website.

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Faiza Manzoor

My Chinese name is 法怡姿。I belong to Pakistan but I  live in Hangzhou, China. I’m doing Ph.D in Agricultural economics and management in Zhejiang university. My strength is: I am hardworking. I’m  interested to join such as institute or project etc to learn. My main role is collection of information from local pottery factory with my partner.

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Sughra Fareed

I am from Pakistan, currently studying Law as doctoral student at Zhejiang University in Hangzhou, China. Zhejiang University is one of top universities in China, and also counted in top hundred universities at international level, Hanghzou is also one of moderate city of china; I have visited china from east to North and north to south, but could not find a city like Hangzhou. Luckily I got a chance to participate in Jinhua home stay project, here I have assigned a task for e-commerce along with my other fellows, in which I have to search material (like published papers, articles, newspaper, some case studies etc) related to e-commerce in Jindong district and Jinhua village, after collection of data we will have to analyze the current situation of e-commerce in Jinhua in order to reach the solid conclusion, and then our team will present some suggestions for improving the Jinhua e-commerce.

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Nang Si Htong

I come from a small town of Keng Tong, Shan State, Myanmar. Currently, I am pursuing my Master degree in Business Administration (specializing in Human Resource Management) at Zhejiang Normal University in Jinhua. My strengths includes hardworking, self-motivating, and dedicated towards my work. Further, I am a good listener and a quick learner. Top on the highlight during my first year as a student was experiencing the colorful annual cultural festival, it was always a blast and you would better not miss it. Jinhua is consider top ten livable city in China. My main role includes doing research and collecting information on the famous local pottery factory and its relation to e-commerce.

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