The National Plants of Myanmar

An important flower of Myanmar is the Chinese ixora, known for its beautiful flowers and leaves of vibrant colours, such as red, orange and yellow. It has a long flowering period, and can blossom from March to December. This flower plays a central role in the marriage customs of the Burmese Yisite Kazak people. A family with a daughter will build a small floating garden out of young bamboo on the surface of the water, and will fill it with the Chinese ixora. The daughter will then sit in the floating garden until her day of marriage, at which time the garden will be untethered, and she will float downstream with the flowers, to be met by the groom waiting at the riverbank.

A popular tree in Myanmar is the tropical teak tree. Teak trees can be seen in low mountain regions. They are used as medicine as well as quality material for furniture. Teak is considered a national treasure of Myanmar, and it is quite highly prized. The tree has become a symbol in the nation’s historical struggle for sovereignty, and is deeply associated with its national development.







柚木是热带树种,要求较高的温度。垂直分布多见于海拔高700-800 米以下的低山丘陵和平原。柚木可入药,也是制造高档家具地板、室内外装饰的材料,被看作是缅甸的国宝,所以价格相当的昂贵。由于柚木记述着这个国家为捍卫民族主权的斗争历史和国民经济的发展历史,因此它也是缅甸的国树。

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