The National Plants of Norway

In 1935 Norway declared the Purple Heather [Calluna vulgaris] as its national flower. The plant grows between 20 to 50 centimetres on average. It has many scale leaves that grow along the stems, as well as tiny purple flowers. During the Middle Ages the flower was used to colour sheep wool, and in some places replaced hops in the brewing of beer. The Purple Heather has also, in some parts of the world, been used as a treatment for kidney disease. Today the Purple Heather is mostly used to feed sheep and deer.


国花:1935挪威宣布欧石楠[ Calluna vulgaris ]为国花。植物一般在20~50cm高。它有许多鳞叶,它们沿着茎生长,还有紫色的小花。在中世纪,花染色渗透羊毛,在一些地方用于代替花草酿造啤酒。紫色的欧石楠在世界的一些地方也被作为治疗有关肾的疾病的疗法。今天,紫色的欧石楠主要用来喂养羊和鹿。

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