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Our job at Turnkey News Team (TNT)  is to provide coverage for what is currently going on within Suoyuan Village. We are a group full of interesting minds with creative thoughts and ideas, which we will utilize to present news to the locals and other Internet followers. We will take frequent photos and videos to present. In addition to our strong creative powers, we will attract viewers with the use of our many members’ varying mother tongues.

Our work includes:

News Coverage

Social Media


  • 30s videos on participant’s experience of the Jinhua Homestay Project, spoken in their mother tounge
  • 3 minute longer promotional video


Our Team

David Hagler 何亚龙
Role: Hef’e (B0ss), Videographer
Country: United States of America

Hello Everyone. My name is David Hagler, or 何亚龙, I was born and raised in Grayson, Georgia, USA, a span town near Atlanta. I have been studying Mandarin Chinese for about three years now at the University of North Georgia; there I also study Arabic and business. While studying abroad in China for the last year I have seen much of the beauty that China has to offer, but Suoyuan 锁园 still has it’s own essence, unlike all the rest. I’m glad to be given this opportunity to come here and to work with everyone. We all are working so well together already, and I’m STOKED! Can’t wait to see our final product! Let’s go TNT News Team!


Shivani Talati 严小慧
Role: Writing Lead
Country: India

My name is Shivani Talati and I am from India. Academically I am a student of law but I am very much passionate about Indian classical dance and Yoga. I’ve heard from a lot of my friends about how adventurous it is to travel around the world I have never done that but this project has given an amazing opportunity to me and I wish you make the most of it. I have been assigned the news group and its a lot of fun discussing and coming up with innovative ideas.

Lovely Mehrotra 徐可心
Role: Writing Lead
Country: India 

Hi Everyone, My name is Lovely Mehrotra and I am from New Delhi, India. I work with India’s top media organisation. I am happy to be a part of Jinhua Homestay program. This is my first visit to China and I am super excited to learn about Chinese culture, tradition and history. As a member of news group my responsibility is to write articles to popularize Jinhua tourism, culture and history.

Joyce Sng 孙碧琪
Role: Social Media Lead, Writer
Country: Singapore

My name is Joyce Sng and I’m from Singapore. I’ve just graduated with a diploma in hospitality and tourism. I am currently taking a gap year before entering university so as to travel and explore exotic places. I’ve been to Shanghai for a few times but decided that stepping out of a metropolitan area will give me a different perspective of China. I am in the news group, writing articles about the program and our experiences throughout.

Dustin Van Sloten 吕何丽
Role: Writer/Photographer
Country: United States of America

Hello My name is Dustin Van Sloten. I am from Western Illinois University in Macomb, Illinois, USA. I work for the university as an assistant director in campus recreation. We provide recreational and fitness programs for the student body. This is my first time in China, and first time out of the USA. I am a member of the news group and am responsible for taking pictures and videos of the events and experiences we participate in as part of an interactive online presentation.


Vicky Hung 孔詠琪
Role: Video Team Leader, Print & Web Designer, Editor
Country: Canada

I’m currently studying Interactive Arts and Technology and Visual Arts at the Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada. Although both my parents are Chinese (originally from Guangdong and Hong Kong), I was born and raised in Canada. Going to Jinhua, I hope to gain a deeper understanding of my culture and experience a lifestyle lost in metropolitan cities both in China and around the world.


Riccardo Giorgini 李凯德
Role: Photographer
Country: Italy

Hello everyone, I’m Riccardo Giorgini and I’m from Arezzo – Italy. I’m studying English, Russian and Chinese Languages at University of Siena. I’m going to take some pictures in order to complete our task and I’m glad to have joined this project and also this team. Go TNT!

Nassor Khamis Kassim 仲至臻
Role: Photographer/Videographer
Country: Tanzania

Hello. My name is Nassor Khamis Kassim, from Zanzibar Tanzania in East Africa. I’m a student at Zhejiang University of Media and Communication (ZUMC) in Hangzhou; I’m studying Radio & TV Broadcasting and announcing art. I’m in China for one and half years now. I am happy to be a part of Jinhua Homestay Project; through this project I hope I can learn many things about Chinese culture and History especially in Jinhua City. I am a member of the news group and I am responsible for taking pictures and videos of the events and experiences we participate in as part of an interactive online presentation.

Tong Hu 立里
Role: Photographer/Videographer
Country: China 

My name is Tong Hu, and I am currently studying high school in Philadelphia. As a local from Jinhua, I’ve known this program for quite a while, having the chance to finally be part of the Jinhua Home Plus family is very exciting for me. I like to take photos and play tennis in my spare time. I hope that I could use some of those skills to spread traditional Chinese culture and help out the News Group.


Jenny Xu 徐佳斐
Country: China 

My name is Xu Jiafei, my English name is Jennifer, and you can also call me Jenny. I was born and raised in Xiaoshan, Hangzhou. I am a Junior in ZJNU studying translation as my major. This is the first time for be a volunteer of homestay programme and a member of TNT News Team. I am interested in Chinese architecture, which I want more people know by our news group. And I’m glad to be given this opportunity to work with everyone. I’ll try my best to do it!

Lester Gu 顾阳锋
Country: China 

My name is Gu Yangfeng, you can also call me my English name Lester. I’m a postgraduate major in MTI from Zhejiang Normal University. I am interested in photographing and video making, so I’m so happy to join in the news group. I hope we volunteers and participants can cooperate together to finish our group tasks. In this group, we communicate with each other from many countries. So I do believe diffident minds will create wonders!

Lucy Zhan 詹丹妮
Role: Translator
Country: China 

Hello, everyone! My name’s Zhan Danni. I’m from Taizhou Zhejiang Province. Now, I’m a sophomore majoring in economic and trade English in Shanghai University of Finance and Economics Zhejiang College. It’s the first time that I’ve taken part in the volunteering work like this. I’m a girl of individuality. In my spare time, I’m learning pole dancing. It needs super flexibility and great strength, so it’s very hard for girls to learn. However, I decide to carry it through to the end. Now, I’m addicted to it so much. If you’re interested in my hobby, you can get more from my Wechat Moments.

Claire Chen 陈倩霞
Role: Translator
Country: China 

My name is CHEN-Qianxia. My English name is Claire. I’m a graduate student , studying in ZJNU. I’m doing my masters in management, specifically , I’m studying in business administration. I’m a highly motivated and reliable person in wok. And also a cheerful and friendly girl in life. It’s really great to be in news group. We are creative and united. I believe our team can make a difference to Suoyuan Village!

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