Chinese Dessert Making

Author: Lovely Mehrotra

“For me, cooking is an expression of the land where you are and the culture of that place.”
-Wolfgang Puck

A visit to a new place, city or country is not complete without exploring and tasting the variety of cuisines and desserts the place has to offer. Trying different cuisines and desserts might be one way of truly experiencing the culture of a country, but imagine if you get a golden opportunity to learn and cook those authentic food items under the guidance of a well-known local chef of the city. Sounds exciting right?

One of the fun activities that Jinhua Homestay Program organized was a Chinese dessert making class for its participants, where everyone got a wonderful chance to try their hand at preparing a simple and delicious dessert called the Double Happiness Pastry.

Preparing this dessert was super easy as just three main ingredients – glucose, flour and white sugar powder – along with little water and raisins were required.

One needs to mix all the main ingredients together by adding a little water and prepare the dough. Next, make sure that the dough has no lumps and that it is as fine as powder. Then add some raisins to it. Finally, the dough was put into a wooden dough press cookie maker and was pressed well to give it an attractive shape. Now the Double Happiness Pastry is then ready to be served.

From cute Doraemon pastries, to small little hearts, participants gave interesting shapes to their dough to make it eye-catching. This exciting experience of donning the chef hat and cooking a traditional Chinese dessert will surely be cherished by all the participants for rest of their life.


The traditional dessert making was one of the best experiences I’ve had in the Jinhua homestay program. It was a fun activity and getting a chance to learn traditional happiness cakes gave me immense pleasure as it was a very simple recipe and also delicious one.
– Madhura, India

As a participant of 2017 Jinhua Homestay project I participate in various activity but amoung the best activity that I participate is Dessert making. When my volunteere give me clothes to wear for Desert making I was worried because it is my first time to make Chinese traditional food. Even it was my first time but for a corporation with my fellow participant Dustin Van Sloten it take us only fifteen minute to make delicious Chinese dessert.
– Nassor, Tanzania

As I began to mix and sift the flower and sugar together our eyes met from across the room. Just a moment was enough to know the kind of person she was. She walked over and i struck up the conversation. She smiled and laughed, even at the silly things i said. She then proceeded to help me form the little, Chinese pastries. They were sweet… just like she was. I’ll never forget that experience. The sweets still spike my blood sugar to this day, just like her smile once did.
– Brady, United States of America

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