Wujing Boxing

Author: Dustin Van Sloten

In the Jinhua Homestay Program schedule, you can find martial arts written at 7:00 am nearly every morning. This may sound early to some, but for others (including myself) this was a great way to start the morning. It got people up, active, and perspiring. However in a strange way it was very peaceful and relaxing. Our instructor was an experienced master that patiently showed us the moves day after day. At first, it was very difficult, but by the end, it was clicking us. We even had the opportunity to show our skills during the final ceremony.

Chinese Martial Arts is the oldest in the world having existed prior to the 12th century. It include hundreds of different styles which makes it one of the most versatile martial arts. Specifically, we learned Wujing Boxing from our master. Wujing Boxing, which is about 200 years old, is a combination of inside and outside boxing. Every gesture and  motion is strong, vicious, flexible, yet its focus on defense. However turning moves into offensive gestures can be done easily.

Our master, Mr. Wang Shenjiang, has 57 years experience in Wujing Boxing. He was also a school teacher for many years. His passion and respect for the art combined with his teaching and Wujing boxing experience really helped us improve our skills throughout our time here. I felt honored to be a student under him.


What I love most about Wujing Boxing is the feeling you get after waking up early and doing such a workout. Wujing Boxing is not a full-blown exercise, and yet one can still feel that he or she worked out. The joints feel warm and healthy, waking up early and getting the blood flowing! Another thing I love about Wujing Boxing is that there are so many varying styles. Some styles mimic the elegant ebb and flow of water, while others have the strong, fierce qualities of the Earth. Wujing Boxing often stresses that the breathing and other motions are in sync, further stressing the connection between mind and body.
– David, United States of America


I was 15 when I argued to learn a kind of martial art but never got a chance to do so. Who knew 6 years after I will be learning the Chinese martial art from a master themselves in China. It was surreal when I first entered the hall and met our master who though being 73 years old was way fitter than any of the students. The entire experience of learning the authentic martial art from the very creators with students from various countries is something I wish every individual has a chance to experience.
– Shivani, India

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