E-bike plus nature equals happiness

Good morning, Suoyuan! 🙂

E-commerce is a fascinating phenomenon that rapidly transforms global economy. In 2015-16 Asia-Pacific region dominated B2C e-commerce. China leading this e-commerce movement in the region with $766.5 bln turnover as of 2015. Jinhua in particular is the place to visit when one wants to learn more about e-commerce nuts and bolts and to see for themselves how e-economy contributes to the national development goals and cross-boarder cooperation.  Alibaba, TaoBao, Tensen, and many other well-known e-business giants are headquartered in the area forming what one might call the Silicon Valley of China.  Many e-business incubators scattered in the region offering young entrepreneurs opportunities to experiment with ideas, build their own business, and promote themselves online. Receiving an opportunity to attend the Jinhua Homestay project 2017 located exactly in this thriving area meant to have a chance to see for myself what made the e-commerce in Jinhua so successful.

As a part of the e-commerce task team for the Jinhua Homestay 2017 program, I was able to meet with the representatives of many interesting e-commerce projects in the region:  (i) LiPu Plants Nursery, which trades gardening plants and equipment across China and overseas. (ii)YiWu, China’s number one e-commerce village that offers all interpreters – even those with very little capital – an opportunity to open new business of their dream. The village provides entrepreneurs with all facilities necessary for the smooth e-business operation and offers support negotiating deals with many middlemen a business has to deal with to trade successfully.

One of the days at the Jinhua Homestay, the organizers hosted a lecture that aimed at helping the participants to better understand the phenomenon of the e-commerce in Jindong, Jinhua, and China. One of the greatest inventions of the Chinese e-commerce industry to date is the shared e-bicycle. Only when visiting China did I realize how great such an invention is! In China, renting the bike over an app is a piece of cake. What is more wonderful – its rent cost is very low. Bikes are available everywhere. For the lazy ones there is even an option to rent an electric bike that can go as fast as the car can.  To no surprise, we have an e-bike station at our Homestay in Suoyouan.

Almost every morning I take advantage of having the bikes right there across the street from my home. Riding around the village helped me to enjoy the beauty of the area to the fullest. It is such an amazing feeling when you ride the bike down the bike lane very early in the morning surrounded with nothing but beautiful nature brimming with life! Birds have just awoken, the air is cool, and large leaves of the lotus flower are covered with the morning dew reflecting the sun in every drop! A rare opportunity for a city girl to get a piece of quiet and tranquility. I would give the world to have the opportunity to experience it again and again.

With that, it looks like I have to thank e-commerce for coming up with such an amazing idea as the e-bike, Jinhua entrepreneurs for making it so easy for me to have access to one on a daily basis, and the village of Suoyouan for offering me the most valuable treasure there is – natural scenery – to enjoy when riding the bike.

Polina Bogomolova