Greenway Bicycle Tour

Author: Joyce Sng

In a village like Suoyuan, it will be miraculous to find a gym if you are thinking of keeping fit. The best alternative here is to do cycling – in the Greenway. The Greenway is a well-developed and maintained track provided for recreational activities. To promote the use of the Greenway and advocate for healthy living, the rental of e-bikes is available behind the Tourist Centre at Suoyuan Village for better facilitation.

The route along the Greenway is generally smooth, almost effortless except for a few uphill slopes that will require more acceleration. Apart from that, you can just relax but don’t forget to focus on your surroundings as well, as the view is the best part of the journey! If you are feeling tired, take a pit stop along the stream and snap pictures of the magnificent floating lotuses. Also, taking in consideration of the weather, it is recommended best to go early in the morning before the afternoon sun strikes. However, if you want to escape from those strong rays in the afternoon, wandering into the small lanes of the neighborhood villages may be a preferred choice.

TNT group photo. Source: Claire Chen


I’m a keen cyclist back home in Suzhou, so I’d love to bring my bike down to Suoyuan and explore more of the cycle paths around the area! The greenway around Suoyuan is a really lovely place to cycle. It connects Suoyuan with other villages around the area and it was wonderful to visit these. On the large river that we cycled past there were many species birds, which was a very nice sight.
– Tess, Britain