Zhizhe Buddhist Temple

Author: Shivani Talati

The Jinhua Homestay Project gives participants a glimpse of the two major religions practiced in China: Buddhism and Taoism. Zhizhe Buddhist temple, situated upon Jianfeng Mountain (尖峰山), provides for a serene and calm environment for visitors to experience the true nature of Buddhism.

A scene showing that there is no peace without chaos. Source: Vicki Hung

Though Buddism in India only worships one deity, in China major disciples of Buddhism are also worshiped for having attained enlightenment.  At Zhizhe temple, the monks told the stories about how these people attained enlightenment.

Gwan Yum, goddess of Mercy. Source: Vicki Hung

A vegetarian lunch is served at the temple. Like the monks, the meals are humble. Cooks file through the lunchroom, scooping portions from buckets into metal bowls set in front of the eater. It is to be consumed in silence so to just focus on the act, and dishes must be hand washed afterwards.

Bowls set in the lunch room. Source: Vicki Hung

For people believing in the concept of spirituality you must surely visit this place for it will provide you with the right knowledge to get you closer to connect with your spiritual self.