Cooking Competition

Author: Dustin Van Sloten

Suoyuan Village was the place to be on July 6 if you loved food, especially Chinese food. A cooking competition/festival was held in the village and it was simply spectacular. Professional chefs from the region showed off their culinary prowess and took part in a competition to see who was the “master chef”.

Judge reaching for food. Source: Dustin Van Sloten

I was fortunate enough to be a judge for the food competition. The food these chefs brought out was quite amazing. The plates kept coming and coming, and I excitingly kept grabbing and grabbing. There were amazing meats, vegetables, and desserts that were delightful to my eye and my palate.

Fatty pork dish. Source: Vicki Hung

Cooking is also an art which makes visual presentation a big key in determining the winner.  These chefs took pride in their work and it showed in the results. I came in a little worried about the different things I would eat, but I came out wanting more. It was a truly enjoyable experience and I learned a lot about food and presentation.