World Outstanding Youth Seminar

Author: Shivani Talati

Although the Jinhua Homestay Program has an ample amount of fun activities for participants to experience the authentic Chinese culture, it also provides a platform for international discussion regarding protection, preservation and promotion of the ancient villages both in and outside China.

Participants at the Youth Seminar. Source: Jinhua News

The World Outstanding Youth Seminar is a one day seminar conducted by this program which is attended by the municipal officials of Jinhua City and Jingdong District, PhD students of Tsinghua University, Beijing, and the participants acting as international representatives with the focus of protection and sustainable tourism of the ancient villages.  This seminar is divided into three parts: introduction by the municipal officials, speeches by international and local representatives, and finally a discussion round. Five participants were chosen to speak about cultural protection in their country which included:

  1. Joyce Sng, Singapore
  2. Thabile Manentsa, South Africa
  3. Shivani Talani, India
  4. Vicki Hung, Canada
  5. Polina Bogomolova, Russia
Thabile offering a passionate speech. Source: Jinhua News

The itinerary provides for an exchange of insightful ideas and thoughts not only about China but also about one’s own country. Although much more work needs to be done to protect ancient villages, the discussions partaken in the seminar left everyone with a renewed sense of focus.

For more: article by Jinhua News (Chinese)

Participants at the Youth Seminar. Source: Jinhua News