A Home Away From Home

Author: Lovely Mehrotra

What happens when you are away from your family in a foreign land working on a project? You miss your home, friends and family, and food the most. But when you are a part of Jinhua Homestay program you don’t miss anything because you get a new home, a new uncle ( shūshu) and auntie (āyí) and a chance of a lifetime to try new delicious Chinese cuisines.

As the name suggests, in the Jinhua Homestay program every participant gets a chance to live with a Chinese family in their home, eat with them, and immerse yourself in their way of life, and make lifetime memories together as you would share with your own family. This program is also an incredible platform to meet people from all around the globe and work together and understand not only Chinese culture and history, but also you get a golden opportunity to know different countries and their culture and how programs like these contribute on a global level in promoting peace, harmony and friendship. All this is set in the charming village of Suoyuan, a place where the historical buildings, serene ponds, and smiling villagers will make you feel as if you’re transported back to simpler times.

In the fifth session of the Jinhua Homestay Program, 36 participants from all around the globe lived for 3 weeks together in Suoyuan village.

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