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July 25th – August 14th 2020 in Lizhai village, Dongyang.

Conditions for application

  1. Applicants must be at least 18 years old, and either be students enrolled in overseas universities, or have been graduated from an oversea university within the last 15 years, or have other experience relevant to the project.
  2. Applicants must have a deep interest in travelling, and in learning about traditional Chinese culture, architecture and customs.
  3. Depending on the number of participants, we might not be able to provide single rooms. No more than two participants will share a room.
  4. Applicants must agree to accomplish one of the tasks listed in the project description. The organizers will do their best to allocate tasks according to applicants’ preferences, but the final decision on the allocation of tasks will be taken according to the needs of the project. Applicants must agree that any work they produce in connection with these tasks can be used by the organizers to further the aims of the project.
  5. Applicants must be in a healthy physical condition.
  6. Photos and video will be taken of participants during some of the project activities. Applicants must agree to any such material being used, if required, to further the aims of the project.

Application form

Before submitting the form, you will be ask to provide the following information

  • signed copy of the Statement of agreement. Please print it out, add the relevant information and scan it or make a photo and upload it as a jpg-file
  • an essay of at least 600 words detailing why the applicant should be considered for application and in which way they would complete the assigned tasks, written in English. You are welcome to include links to work samples (photos or webpages). It might be a good idea to first prepare the essay and then copy the text into the field below
  • a recent portrait photograph of yourself (upload a jpg-file)
  • a recommendation letter (written by one of your teachers when you are a student, or by one of your coworkers otherwise)
Please be assured that we will treat your information confidentially. Under no conditions will we share your email or any other information you have provided. We will share your dietary and nutritional restrictions with your host in case you are accepted in the project.
Personal information
 Female      Male
please use the format YYYY-MM-DD,
for example 1985-08-01 for August 1, 1985
 Student      Other
Please specify your university or your place of work.
Contact information
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Known health issues and dietary restrictions
Please list any allergies and medications you are taking (if any).
You and the project
Please describe why we should consider you for the project (English, at least 600 words). You entered words.
Please specify which tasks (see here for a description) you would like to work on.
Please list any special skills you have that could be relevant for the project.
We are open to further suggestions for possible project dates. If you would prefer to have a session at a different time, please suggest one and we will contact you.
Emergency contact information Please provide details of a person we can contact in case of emergency:

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After successfully submitting your application you should receive an email from us. In case you do not receive it within a few minutes, please check your spam folder and contact us if neccessary.

Remember to check the project news for updates and articles about Jinhua's historical villages. Have a look at the FAQ or write to us if you have any further questions.