Overseas students came to the ancient village in Jinhua again
Nataliia Litvinova, 2020-09-05

This time they visit Lizhai village.

Come check out their experiences there!


Lizhai Village, formerly known as Chancheng, is a living museum filled with a variety of historic residences and a large Jiangnan-style ancestral temple.


On Sept 3, the ancestral temple in Lizhai Village was decorated with lanterns and festoons to welcome 40 students from the China Europe International Business School (CEIBS), who will be there for four days.


According to Financial Times, CEIBS is the world's fifth best international business school and its MBA students are professionals from leading global companies, including Hillhouse Capital, Marriott, BMW (China), PWC, Henderson (China), and KPMG.


Due to COVID-19, the ninth "Overseas Students Explore Ancient Village in Jinhua" event has been combined with MBA courses at CEIBS.



Si Haibin, deputy director of the Jinhua Foreign Affairs Office, said at the launch ceremony that the project is aimed at promoting cooperation among international youth and giving them an opportunity to learn about China and its preservation of ancient villages and traditional culture.


During the event, a variety of activities will teach participants about local folk customs and living habits and contribute to the further development of the village, according to Si.


"Living with local families is the best way to learn about modern China, and living in an ancient village is the best way to learn about how China preserves its history," said Si, adding that he believes they will learn a lot from the trip.


Throughout the four-day trip, students will live and eat together, practice tai chi, visit a woodcarving museum and woodcarving city in Dongyang, and watch a Valley of Dreams performance in Hengdian town, which is home to the Hengdian World Studios.



On Sept 4, students participated in the International Youth Forum on Private Economy Innovation to analyze the current situation and future potential of private companies in Jinhua and offer suggestions on the development of the city's private sector.


We look forward to our time with these students in Lizhai Village!

by Zhejiang Daily