Cultural exchange promotes Jinhua among overseas students
Nataliia Litvinova, 2019-08-16

Thirty-eight students from top overseas colleges in 13 countries participate in the eighth session of the Jinhua Homestay Project (Jinhua Mountain) in Jinhua, East China's Zhejiang province. [Photo provided to]

A cultural exchange activity that invites overseas college students to Jinhua, East China's Zhejiang province, opened at the Lutian Academy on Jinhua Mountain on Aug 12.


The eighth session of the Jinhua Homestay Project (Jinhua Mountain) saw a total of 38 students from leading overseas colleges in 13 countries participating to experience Chinese culture.

Zhong Shijie, director of the Jinhua Municipal Government’s foreign affairs office, welcomed them and extended the hope that they will promote Jinhua back in their own countries.

Initiated in 2015, the Jinhua Homestay Project has previously been held seven times in six local ancient villages in Jinhua.

The eighth session, with a period of 15 days, covers a variety of activities, such as learning calligraphy, experiencing folk customs and visiting scenic spots. Participants will also be invited to give suggestions on Jinhua's development while experiencing the local culture and enjoying the local food, organizers said.

The students showed cultural souvenirs they brought from their own countries at an ice-breaking ceremony on Aug 12, such as a traditional African waist belt, a conch shell from India, an incense burner from Germany and copies of artworks by Leonardo da Vinci from Italy.


Gaurav Gupta from India shows a conch shell which he says plays an important role in praying for blessings in sacrificial ceremonies in his hometown. [Photo provided to]


A Chinese student and a foreign student read poems together at the Lutian Academy on Jinhua Mountain on Aug 13. [Photo provided to]

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