Jinhua Becomes One of the “Youngest” Cities
Nataliia Litvinova, 2018-03-21

According to the 2017 Youth Index of Cities in China released by the Tencent Big Data Technology Team, Jinhua, a third-tier city, was one of the “youngest” cities in China. Ranking second only to Shenzhen, Jinhua and Guiyang tied for second place.

The Index was based on QQ users aged 16 to 35, the existing proportion of young people in cities, and the 2016 Youth Index of Cities in China. To some extent, the Index reveals youth population distributions, displays how the youth have changed China, and answers the question, “Where have the youth gone?” 

At the Yiwu National People’s Congress and the Chinese People Political Consultative Conference, Yin Xuequn, deputy to the National People’s Congress and mayor of Jinhua, shared the data. He said Jinhua is a place for entrepreneurship and innovation, and it is the youth that have injected the needed vigor and vitality into the city. 

It is because Jinhua has a rapid development rate that the youth population of the city continues to climb. For example, the Jinhua government promoted the Five-Water Management Project and the Renovation and Demolition Project, which have transformed city via more scientific urban planning. The Five-Water Management Project is a policy released by the Zhejiang Government, aiming for the comprehensive treatment of wastewater, flooding, waterlogging, water delivery, and water saving. The Renovation and Demolition Project was launched by the Zhejiang Government to renovate old residential areas, industrial areas, and urban villages, and to tear down illegal construction.

In addition, e-commerce is Jinhua’s trump card to attract the youth. In 2017, the e-commerce online retail turnover of Jinhua was 234.6 billion RMB, ranking second in Zhejiang; the cross-border online retail export value of Jinhua was 24.1 bn RMB, accounting for 55% of the cross-border online retail export value of Zhejiang; and, at present, the daily number of cross-border parcels reaches 200,000.

Yin Xuequn believes that Jinhua’s environment greatly contributed to its development. According to him, Jinhua will put more emphasis on policymaking and service providing to continue to attract young people to Jinhua. (By Li Chao, translated by Pu Yanli, edited by Kendra Fiddler)