South African teachers tell 'Jinhua stories'
Nataliia Litvinova, 2020-11-19

"I have a sense of security in Jinhua and that kind of feeling comes from personal safety, economic guarantees and emotional attachment," said Heinrich Kruger, a teacher at Junhwa International School in Jinhua.

In his eyes, Jinhua treats African friends with an open and inclusive attitude, and he and his wife fit into the city very quickly.


"Jinhua people are nice, friendly and patient," said Milisa from Maple Leaf International School in Yiwu, Jinhua.

Pierre from New Oriental Academy in Jinhua and Andries from Wuyi Bilingual School in Jinhua put on the hanfu, the traditional clothing of the Han ethnic group, for the first time.


Andries said that he would buy himself a suit of hanfu and even plans to give classes in hanfu. Pierre believes that he has completely integrated into life in Jinhua.

Claire-Ann Kenney from Junhwa International School noted that after coming to Jinhua, she realized that China is not like what she had seen on Western TV.


"Safe cities, clean streets, convenient transportation, advanced technologies, and curious, hard-working and friendly people" are Claire-Ann's impressions of China.


"Thank you for your understanding and passion about Africa," said Darrien from Pujiang, a county in Jinhua, who is impressed by the collection at the Africa Museum of Zhejiang Normal University.


Natasha from Maple Leaf International School together with her husband and daughter has become new "Yiwu residents".


"I have fallen in love with the living environment and working conditions in Yiwu, especially the Chinese food," said Natasha, who is now learning Chinese from her daughter.