Workshop for an Adventure Trail
Christoph Schubert, 2017-06-03

The village of Shangjing has an old tradition in tea farming. In former times the village was the last stop for pilgrims to a nearby Buddhist temple. Here pilgrims stayed overnight and cleaned themselves from the inside and outside before going the last 4km to the temple.

Bamboo forest near Shangjing, photo by Jonathan Abbas

A part of the Jinhua Homestay Project is the development of a nature adventure trail from the village of Shangjing to the nearby Buddhist temple. The aim is to establish a touristic highlight for Chinese and international tourists. On the nature adventure trail special places will be created, where the visitor can experience different topics with all their senses. The visitor will be encouraged to actively interact with the different subjects.

The contents and route of the trail and the places for information and interaction will be engineered during the workshop by 15 participants.

Potential contents could be the tea production, fairytales from China and all over the world, the special fauna and flora of the region, and Buddhism.

The workshop will be led by the landscape architect Claudia Naumann, whose company Ingenieurbüro Natur und Bildung has already realized numerous projects in Germany and other European countries.

Required students

environmental education, landscape architectures, foresters, horticulture, wood sculpture, theater sculpture, biology, ecology, media design, etc.

If you are interested in environmental education and have a lot of creative energy apply now for this project!