Yangpen Village: From Remote to Thriving Place
Nataliia Litvinova, 2021-09-30


    On September 21, the 700-year-old village of Yangpen Village, Chi’an Town, was photographed leaning magnificently on the 600-meter-high mountainside of Dahan in Yiwu.

    In recent years, the town of Chi’an has vigorously developed the tourism industry, and the communities of the Yangpen Village have combined tourism with wellness, culture, and agriculture. The plan is guided by local cultural elements, is based on farming tradition, and offers modern forms of wellness.



    As a distinctive feature, the village aims to develop a mid- to high-end holiday industry, creating a unique place for visitors to rest their bodies and minds. Eventually, the village plans to become a landmark in the cultural tourism of Yiwu. (Text and photo by Hu Xiaofei, translated by Marco Lovisetto, edited by Mariam Ayad)