2018 Jinhua Homestay Project description experience authentic Chinese culture in a historical village

Project introduction

The Homestay in Jinhua’s Historical Villages Project, organised by Jinhua Municipal People’s Government Foreign and Overseas-Chinese Affairs Office, began in 2015. Project sessions have already been held in five historical villages, with great success.

The project will select international applicants for a 3-week home-stay experience. During the stay, you will learn about Chinese traditional culture, witness the beauty of historical architecture and experience life with a Chinese family. You will have the chance to communicate with your contemporaries from all over the world. You can put your specialties into practice. For example you might contribute to maintaining a village’s local character and protecting its historical buildings. You can share your stories about Jinhua with the world, in photos or writing, so that others can know more about Jinhua. By spreading the story, the historical villages can preserve their culture and develop sustainable tourism, thus the ancient architecture and historical villages can be well protected.

During the 3 weeks, the project team will organise a series of activities, for example cultural lectures, folklore experiences and visiting local enterprises. We plan to recruit 40 overseas participants for each session.

The six sessions to date have attracted 295 overseas participants from 40 countries. They made an international fairy tale garden, village maps, studied ancient architecture, learnt local folk culture and interviewed villagers to discover ancient stories. They contributed to the protection and development of the ancient villages.

Entrance to Yuyuan village
Lecture during salon time

Project aims

The aim of this project is to promote an understanding of the historical villages of Jinhua, Zhejiang Province, by direct experience of local culture. International participants will have the opportunity to live in a traditional village for three weeks. They will learn about traditional Chinese culture, historical architecture and folklore. Additionally, the project is the first stage in a plan to attract tourists from all over the world interested in travelling to historical villages, and to introduce Jinhua's villages to an international audience. Eventually, the villages will be transformed into international level centres for ecotourism and leisure holidays, while preserving original elements of local culture, and bringing international renown to Jinhua.

Conditions for Application

  • Applicants should be at least 18 years old.
  • Applicants should be in a healthy physical condition.
  • Applicants should have an open mind in regards to people, ways of life, and traditions different from your own.
  • Applicants should be interested, willing, and ready to actively engage in all aspects of the project.
  • Applicants should be fluent in both spoken and written English; Chinese language skills are not required.
  • Photos and video will be taken of participants during some of the project activities. Applicants must agree to any such material being used, if required, to further the aims of the project.
  • Applicants are requested bring a crystal/crystal glass or crystal/crystal glass-related cultural item. If the item costs over 30 USD, the Jinhua Homestay project will reimburse the excess, but the participants should contact the project team in advance.
  • It is strongly suggested that you conduct research on Songxi Village and Pujiang County and include your creative ideas and possible contribution in your application.
Tasting local delicacies in Zhiyan village
Tasting local delicacies

What we offer

Your expenses after you arrive in Shanghai will be paid for by the project, including:
  • transportation from Shanghai to Jinhua
  • accommodation and meals in Jinhua's ancient villages during the project
  • a programme of cultural activities and visits
  • pocket money (750 Yuan per student)

Event timing and place

Seventh Session

August 10-30, 2018 Songxi Village, Application Deadline: May 30

Online Application address: http://www.jinhua-homestay.com/en/appform.php

Discussing Chinese medicine in Zhiyan village
Discussing Chinese medicine

Participants’ tasks

Participants should accomplish at least one of the tasks listed below, and also share your experiences on social media.

In the application, applicants should write an essay of at least 600 words detailing how they plan to contribute to the project and which tasks they would like to address.

Publicity Group (5-8 participants)

Group aim: Help Songxi Village and Pujiang County increase international popularity and become a top-rated tourist attraction. Before coming to China, participants should do research on the most popular websites, magazines, and other media (popular both among people who have never been to China and those who have visited China before). Make a list of such media and organizations and contact them to explore possibilities for future cooperation. During the project, after their experiences and further learning, participants will be requested to write articles about Songxi Village, Pujiang County, or the Homestay Project, and publish them in the media and top listed websites mentioned above.

Participants we hope to invite: Students majoring in related fields such as news, literature or photography. Professionals already working in those fields would also be especially welcome, as would internet celebrities.

E-Commerce Group (5-8 participants)

Group aim: Crystal, padlocks, quilted textiles and agricultural Products are four traditional industries of Pujiang County, occupying 70% of all sales in the local product market. For marketing products mentioned above within domestic or global markets, participants will be requersted to do market research and conduct targeted marketing. They will cooperate with local university students to design an entrepreneurship program, and engage in cross-border E-commerce experiments and  practice. It’s not only a group task, but may also be a golden opportunity!

Participants we hope to invite: Students majoring in related fields such as E-commerce or international trade. Professionals already working in those fields would also be especially welcome.

Products Design Group (5-8 participants)

Group aim: Crystal/crystal glass is the leading industry of Pujiang County. Pujiang is hoping to make further developments in concept design and product innovation through the 7th session of the Homestay Project. The project team can provide tools and raw materials for participants to make creative crystal/crystal glass products on-site. Just tell the project team in advance about the materials you need and briefly describe your creative project.

Participants we hope to invite: Students majoring in related fields such as art,design,crystal/crystal glass design, manufacturing and innovation. Professionals already working in those fields would also be especially welcome.

Painting Group (5-8 participants)

Group aim: Present the history and stories of Songxi Village in painting, writing or other creative projects on the village walls, or in cartoons.

Participants we hope to invite: Students or groups majoring in related fields such as art or cartoon animation.

Landscape Design Group (15 participants)

Group aim: There are two streams in Songxi Village – Ming Stream and hidden Stream (an ordinary stream and a drainage system, connected by an underground channel). Participants will be invited to design and put into practice a water-related environmental adventure program, and build a crystal ball at the village gate that will combine pictures of the participants and the Homestay Project elements.

Participants we hope to invite: Students majoring in related fields such as design, art, geography or architecture. Professionals already working in those fields would also be especially welcome.


Jinhua Municipal People’s Government Foreign and Overseas-Chinese Affairs Office will award you a Participant Certificate and an Ambassador of People–People Communication Certificate.

Entrance to Yuyuan village
Entrance to Yuyuan village


Sponsor: Foreign and Overseas-Chinese Affairs Office of Jinhua Municipal People's Government.

Person in charge: Xu Shufang.

Former sessions:

  • 22 June - 12 July, 2015 in Suoyuan, impressions of session,
  • 12 October – 1 November, 2015 in Siping,
  • June 22 to July 12, 201, in Yuyuan,
  • August 10 to 23, 2016 in Zhiyan.
  • June 24 to July 14, 2017 in Suoyuan
  • September 6 to 26, 2017 in Shangjing


Please refer to the schedules of the project's previous sessions in Yuyuan and Siping 2015 how the project might be organized.